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Friday, September 23, 2022

Fit Mom Challenge 001 Notes

Diary Day 3:


Bertemu kembali, today nak cerita ceriti tentang target weight loss. 

Ideally is 0.5kg per week, however usually if this is the first time, memang akan dapat penurunan sampai 1 kg minggu pertama. Lepas tu, hati berdebar-debar campur seronok and started coungting by 6 weeks will be 6 kg of fat loss. Fact is, sorry lah, itu je paling banyak, nanti akan ada yang tak turun atau naik sikit, macam tu lah lumrahnya. 

My target weight loss memang 0.5kg per week je. Itu pon dah memadai. I know it's gonna be hard. 

I am gonna use MyFitnessPal apps to help me through my journey.

So if during 6 weeks ,I am to lose 0.5kg per week, total is 3 kg. 

1 kg of fat = 7700kcal

So how many calorie deficit per day for me if I am going to achieve my target? 

First I need to know my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) .

What is BMR ? Click the link and read more. It explains whole lot there. Basically it is the calories you will use in order for your cell to function, the living activities such as breathing, cells activities. 

Factors determining our BMR especially in counting our own among are:





My aim is to lose weight. As much as people said, reduce calories in and increase calories out will lead to reduce weight, how easy to do the math right? Except that the fact is, we are not mathematical equation and life is no near linear line, life has always ups and downs my dear reader. Need to remember, we cannot take way too low calories than our BMR because then our system in the body will be triggered. The body will protect it self by turning on starvation mode which will lead to slow down your basal metabolic rate, and thus restoring all amounts of food you are taking. 

Here is the answer for those who is wondering why even they eat less but they still does not lose weight. The less you eat, the harder it is to lose weight over time. 

Also the answer for crash diet; initially you seem to lose a lot, because normally you will lose water first, it takes times to lose fat. That is why, you need to see bigger picture, aim for long journey. If you think within this 6 weeks you can achieve your normal BMI (am talking to those who is obese) then you will feel that this program is kind of loser. 

Here am sharing to you how to calculate your BMR : 

Women: 655 + (9.6x weight in kg) + (1.8x height in cm) - (4.7x age)

Men: 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5x height in cm) - (6.8 x age)

Thus my basal metabolic rate is 1575.2 kcal. So I cannot eat less than this , because it will cause my body to go to starvation mode.

Second, how much calories you need every day ,Daily Calorie Intake (DCI)

So first you need to need to know how many calories you burn per day based on your daily activities based  on your lifestyle. This is what some people call, Daily Calorie Requirement (DCR) or others called Active Metabolic Rate (AMR). 

Sedentary (little or no exercise) = BMR x 1.2

Lightly active (sports 1-3 days/week) = BMR x 1.375

Moderately active (sports 3-5 days/week) = BMR x 1.55

Very active (sports 6-7 days/week) = BMR x 1.725

Extra active (sports twice a day) = BMR x 1.9

So, your final number here is total calorie you need to take to maintain your weight. 

As for me, my DCR / AMR = BMR x 1.375 = 2165.9 kcal 

But  I want to lose weight, and I aim 0.5kg per week so meaning (0.5 x 7700) / 7 = 550kcal per day.

Technically my deficit calorie per day is 550kcal.

So my calorie intake per day (DCI)  should be DCR - deficit calorie = 2165.9 -550 = 1615.9 kcal. 

Basically I need to eat 1615.9kcal per day so that I will lose 0.5kg per week. Well actually, I have another extra calories in view of currently I am breastfeeding. 

Roughly if you are a full time breastfeeding / pumping or direct where you think you produce about 8 small bottles of 60ml, that will account for another 500kcal to be added in your calorie intake.

If you are half time breastfeeding, you may add 250kcal per day.

I would say, I am half time breastfeeding , only night time direct feeding or when I am around the baby , thus I can take 1615.9 + 250 = 1865.9 kcal .

So, I guess you can start calculating your daily calorie intake to achieve your goal. 

Till then, 


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Fit MomChallenge 001 Notes

Diary Day 2: 

Before we proceed with other plans: 

We need to list down our BIG WHY to indulge in this journey. 

1. I want to be HEALTHY. Health is definitely wealth. In my line of job, seeing statistics Malaysian age 41 years old and above principal cause of death is ischemic heart disease (IHD), around 18 percent average of 50 person per day died due to IHD. Malaysian is known as heaven of food, I was one of the person who longed for Malaysian food while I was away in Texas previously. Viral food usually something crispy, fried, cheesy, oh gosh writing with drooling of saliva, dang, but this type of food actually contained high fat which in turns if taken excessively will lead to high cholesterol levels in our blood. Desserts here is so irresistible, boba tea, teh tarik, creamy cakes, chocolatey cake, biscoff cheese cake, kuih muih traditional likes karipap, donut, kuih talam, omg now am thinking of making one of listed here. So, I'm not saying we cannot eat at all, but I would say everything must have balanced including choice of food. 

2. I want to look FIT. Through my experience, once I lose certain amount of weight, I look younger, prettier (I am a woman, this is how we women gained our confidence), leading to increasing self esteem and empowering women. FIT , that losing weight but still curvy, not lean like someone who is sick. 

3. I need to get back to my previous weight because I do not have extra money to spend for new wardrobe. I just changed a new one just before the pregnancy. 

Till then, 


Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fit Mom Challenge 001 Notes

Diary Day 1

I'll start with disclaimer:

I am none other than anyone of the rest of you all who are in the journey of losing weight. 

I am not a professional coach to teach or claimed anything. 

I am only someone who have been having issues with weight since early teenager. 

I had experienced of reducing weight up to 20 kg max previously for twice. 

I rebound to square one because it is a real life of a mother.

I feel like sharing my upcoming journey of losing weight for my memories. Who knows I might inspire someone else to achieve their ideal weight for their health. 

I gained my knowledge and experience through various losing weight program I've joined previously. 

I started my second successful journey of losing weight in August 2019 until Feb 2021 where I transformed from 92.5kg to 74.5kg, yeah going slow I know, but I'm happy because upon losing weight, I did not looks like someone who is sick nor breathlessness. Then, the twin comes. Now , 11months after delivery, I want to start back my journey. Worry not, this is the end of pregnancy as I've done BTL after 4th caesarian section.  

I am going to share most likely things that almost everyone already know , but maybe will benefit someone else and also definitely will be one of the cherish memories for me later.  

Till then, 



Fit Mom Challenge 001

        So my old friend and I, we decide to lose weight together. She was my ex- roommate while in our 1st to 2nd year during undergraduate. Now we are someone's wife, a mother, in fact a newly 11 months old post natal mother, who have issues with extra weight. 

       She approached me for Zumba class, since I announced I am a Zin since last year. I am a registered one but have not started teaching yet. I'll announce here should I'm ready later. However, instead of only Zumba class, I managed to persuade her to join me in this challenge. 

     We will be starting this challenge on 2nd October 2022 till 13 November 2022.

     Tentative coming soon. For now we will start warming up our mental by taking things ready and organized our time accordingly. It will be online as she lives in east coast and I 'm somewhere central west coast. 

        And to sum up the feeling for this week 😎, thus the music video...

       Yours truly; 


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Welcome back , welcome onboard 2022




1st: I'm impressed that after so long of hiatus I am back on blogger. (Though I know this platform or I assume that this is not so in trend already)
2nd: The fact I can access my account to write in . This is just wow. 
3rd: New missions coming in October 2022, along with my friend, we planned to lose weight together, on hope that we will be on track to achieve the mission. 
4th: I previously on February 2021 managed to achieve 74.5kg, turning to a new look before pregnancy hit me again, so am back to square one now. 

I am beyond happy that I can still write something here. 

To the new me:

Age is 40 
Goal weight is 50
Getting fit and pretty 
Have always been my mission to be accomplished 💖 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Misi Kurus Kembali Lagi!!!


Wah giler lama tak update blog ni..huhuhu..nampak sangat misi ke laut dan tenggelam dalam ombak yang mengganas. Wah dah bermetafora pulak. Satu sebab mood menulis tiada. Kedua sebab tiada idea nak tulis apa. Ketiga sebab misi menuju berat badan ideal adalah hot hot chicken shit. hahaha. Ye nama pon manusia biasa penuh dengan alasan, excuses and reasons. Semuanya bagi menyedapkan hati sendiri. hahaha..

So sekarang ni kembali menulis sebab kembali dengan misi baru menuju berat badan ideal dengan bentuk badan menarik dengan cara yang sihat. Wah..ada gaya promosi barangan pengurus lansing kan? Ye memang tak betul..Aku memang bukan pengguna barang/supplement/alatan untuk kurus cepat tanpa bersusah payah. Aku memang orthodoks sikit bab nak kurus ni. Lebih kepada menjaga diet dan bersenam. Biarlah lambat pon walaupon tak dinafikan aku adalah juga rasa terpengaruh dan teringin tapi entahlah rasa cam tak berapa nak sihat sangat. Lagipon aku lebih setuju yang kalo kita dapat ubah gaya hidup lebih sihat lebih baik daripada crash diet/makan ubat/supplement etc lepas dah turun dalam masa sebulan dua lepas tu naik mendadak. Buat apa kan? So not worth it.

Yes memang aku diam je kat blog ni tapi aku adalah rajin lah baca informasi tentang nak kurus dan melakukan senaman senaman yang boleh membantu kekurusan. So memula nak cerita yang berat sekarang paling latest dalam 3 hari lepas kot 4/30/14 : 84.7kg. Berat badan ideal untuk aku adalah sekitar 50-55kg. Aku target 55 kg lah. Lebih kurang 30kg lah pukul rata aku kena hilang. Aku adalah nak balik Malaysia dalam hujung bulan 8 tahun ni. Jadi aku adalah nak pulang dengan berat badan ideal. wah gitu so bole ke nak hilang 30kg dalam 4 bulan? Agak drastik sebenarnya penurunan sebanyak itu dalam masa yang singkat. So aku takde lah target nak turun banyak tu. aku ni realistik orang nya. Sbb aku takut aku akan lari dari tujuan, jadi aku buat target berperingkat lah seperti pada  hujung bulan 6 ni berat aku adalah 70-75kg gitu. Okay tak?Harapan bulan 8 nanti dalam 60 kg tapi kalo dapat pecah angka 6 pon dah kira syukur sangat lah.

Apa plan diet aku? Apa plan senaman aku? Perlu diingat  adalah puasa dan raya bakal menjelma. huahuahua.

So aku ni dah tau dah aku kalo bab senaman bole kata power lah. hahaha..semua aku sapu yang aku berkesempatan, Jillian, Insanity, Zumba, Hip Hop tapi yang buat aku kalah adalah makanan. Dan seperti yang semua pendiet tegar atau orang yang dalam proses nak menuju berat badan ideal 80% Diet dan 20% Senaman.

Pic ihsan google

Jadi dengan ini aku nak memulakan lah misi yang baru. Aku masih bertatih. Aku dah tau yang kena makan yang sihat-sihat dan tak sedap. Memang kebenaran yang tak dapat disangkal lagi bahawa tak sedap dan sihat adalah seiring dan seiring dan sejalan seperti sedap dan tidak sihat. huhuhu. Perit dan tabah tapi demi mengubah imej. Wahhh gitu. Aku nak update kat sini apa menu dan senaman aku buat dan progress aku. Oh percayalah aku tau aku mungkin akan update menu yang tak berapa nak clean sangat tapi seperti yang aku kata, I'm still trying to adapt. 32 tahun lidah ni kenal makanan sedap dan tak sihat so please bear with me. As for senaman mostly will be zumba cause yes I do love dancing and dancing with losing calories ain't gonna hurt me right? So aim nak get instructor certificate before going back to Malaysia.

So starting semalam aku aim tak nak makan nasi atau kurangkan makan nasi. Ye nasi tak bersalah aku tau. Bole makan segenggam sehari tapi kalo dah lauk sedap tak kan mampu nak makan segenggam ye dak? So for this first months cuba lah elakkan though I admit I'm still taking other carbs. Sepanjang ni nanti korang akan tengoklah apa ke jenis carbs yang aku amik. hehehe.

Day 1: 5/2/14

Starting weight: 84.7kg

Breakfast; 1 cheese danish : 430 cal
Lunch: 1 beef burger with mayo cheese and salad: 400 cal
Snacks : Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with whole hazelnuts : 210 cal
Dinner: Mix salad with 1 piece of honey blackpepper chicken : 400 cal

Exercise: nope

As of today

Day 2 : 5/3/14

Breakfast: Cucur bawang : 300 cal

Yang lain belum lagi..nanti update lagi eh. oh yes I'm using myfitnesspal. Pernah turun sampai 75kg tau guna myfitness pal. Lepas tu naik balik. haih la labu..

Bole ke cakap kat orang kalo nampak cam kurus jangan tegur sampai memang betul-betul kurus. Selalu cam lupa daratan kalo orang kata wah dah kurus. Ye itulah yang menjadi permasalahan sejagat masa dah turun 75kg tu. Lepas tu cam selesa dan naik balik 10 kg..huhuhuhu...Lepas ni kena kuat mental lah..nak cakap cheat day jangan jadi cheat year..hahaha..

So basically aku try kawal calories intake dan exercise as well as trying to choose to eat healthier food. Semalam berjaya jamu orang makan nasi ayam tanpa aku sendiri makan nasi ayam. hahahha...itu sesuatu yang kebanggaan tau. Aku bukanlah nak kata aku ni pandai sangat masak tapi aku bole cakap yang aku masak sedap lah. Lagi-lagi kalo ada tempoyak. Buat sambal tempoyak makan dengan nasi panas dan telur goreng mata pon aku bole makan 2 pinggan nasi..huhuhu..tu nak kena bertabah tu.

Okay mari lah kita bersama menuju berat badan ideal :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Herbalife vs Eat Clean


Wah tak semena-mena update ni..apakah sudah hilang 2-3 kg..hehehhe..takdelah..saja nak bercerita tentang diet yang tengah berlansung sekarang.

Memang tak dinafikan aku hilang inches dengan begitu signifikan sekali..sekarang dah bole pakai jeans size 14 dek berZumba almost everyday. Tapi berat aku maintain 84.7kg jer..sampai aku pon naik muak dengan nombor itu..hahaha..aku punya diet masa itu adalah, makan macam biasa cuma dinner awal malam sebelum pukul 8malam. Jadi oleh kerana tiada gaya nak menurun berat badan malahan statik, aku sedar aku kena juga ubah gaya pemakanan aku. Ada macam-macam gaya diet yang aku tau, calorie counting, Atkin's, South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, Low Carbs Diet and so on. Calorie counting aku dah buat, berjaya memang berjaya turun berat badan, the last time yang aku bole turun dekat 10 kilo dalam 2-3 bulan sebab aku buat calorie diet with exercise. tapi hazaban lah jugak sebab aku kelaparan menjadi singa yang menjadi mangsa anak-anak..hahahha..pantang salah sikit mesti kena marah dengan aku..dah lapar kan...memang tahap kesabaran menjadi nipis senipis kulit bawang...huhuhuhu... So aku dah tak buat calorie counting, letih nak mencatit kat myfitnesspal to..heeheh..dasar...

Atkins aku bertahan minggu induction dalam 7-8 hari je..sebab aku duduk kat sini, suka gila buat dessert..memang aku tak bole tahan dessert ..dan gula dan karbo adalah yang paling tak bole dalam Atkins' diet..memang berat bole turun sampai 4-5 kg dalam 2 hari tapi bila ko start makan biasa balik..mendadak la naiknyer..ish..tak bole jadi..tak bole setiap orang berbeza-beza..siapa yang sanggup tahan tak makan nasi, mi,pasta, dessert bole la buat atkin..aku tak tahan..salah aku..

So apa lagi choice yang ada, the latest yang aku discover adalah Paleo diet. Paleo diet ni kira macam makan gaya orang zaman paleolitik makan. Yang mana makanan adalah non process food..ko makan protein, fat, nuts and seeds and veggies. Wah agak menariklah sebab ko bole makan banyak, sebab tak kira kalori, dan veggies yang banyak akan mengenyangkan ko. Veggies adalah leafy green bukan potato atau benda berkanji la.nuts and seeds macam pistachio, almonds, walnuts..Protein adalah ayam, telur, steak..Paleo diet atau lebih dikenali sebagai cara makan bersih@eat clean..memang menarik sebab dia macam ajar ko untuk start a new lifestyle instead ko cuma berdiet dengan tujuan hilang berat badan..tapi dia sama gak macam Atkins takde karbo, gula, coklat..huahuahua...

Tapi aku ada lebihan 3/4 botol herbalife perasa coklat dalam kabinet supaya badan aku tak terkejut sangat, maka start dari hari isnin yang lepas bersamaan dengan 11/2/2013 aku telah memulakan lah diet bersama Herbalife. Aku punya cara adalah minum herbalife shake ganti breakfast and dinner. Aku makan nasi dengan control quantity untuk lunch dan aku minum air masak dengan banyaknyer setiap kali rasa lapar. Kemudian kalo tak tahan sangat untuk snack aku makan lauk sahaja seperti ayam atau sayur yang aku masak. Sebab aku tak makan yogurt, tak makan buah, kena lah aku improvise sikit. Jadi bermula dengan 84.7kg selepas 5 hari, perut pon dah accommodate dengan gaya makan aku..berat turun sekilo jadi 83.7kg..whooop :) sekilo seminggu..okaylah kan..dari turun laju-laju lepas tu naik laju-laju..tak ke haru..Habis je herbalife ni, mungkin aku akan start to eat clean or aku dengan sesuka hati akan combine herbalife dengan eat clean..hahahha...

Till then, see you next time:)